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Residential Christmas Light Installation Services:

Our residential Christmas light installation services are tailored for the busy homeowner. Whether you work full time or manage a household and are just too busy with the kids we can provide your home the holiday spirit without adding any more stress to your current holiday hassles. We understand the holidays are chaotic and relieving you of this task frees up a great deal of your time. We work with homes as small as 1,000 SF and as large as 10,000+ SF, no job is too small or too large.

Commercial Christmas Light Installation Services:

Our commercial Christmas light services provide property managers and owners a fully outsourced lighting solution which gives your property, business or homeowners association  the holiday spirit without the hassle.


Our standard pricing for most residential projects are $1,000 minimum depending on the size of the home.  Larger homes, more complex designs, and LED lighting can increase the price even more. Commercial projects are anywhere from $1,000 – $4,000 and go well into the thousands depending on size and complexity.

We only offer LED lighting:

LED C-9 for rooflines. LED mini lights for trees, bushes, etc… Both are available in orange, red, blue, green, white, and purple. Color Patterns are custom.

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